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The American Free Trade Association (AFTA) has provided a voice to the secondary marketplace for over 30 years.  AFTA works with industry, legislative leaders, regulatory officials and coalition members to ensure that genuine, branded consumer products are lawfully distributed across borders, providing American consumers with greater access to cost-effective, safe and authentic merchandise.

AFTA Hosts CBP Webinar and Congressional Staff Briefing about Parallel Market Trade

This year, Lee Sandler, Esq., on behalf of the American Free Trade Association (“AFTA”) conducted a training webinar for Customs & Border Protection (“CBP”) personnel about parallel imports.  AFTA was also pleased to host a congressional staff briefing in Washington , D.C. during which Lee Sandler, Fred Paliani and Lauren Perez similarly provided an overview of the secondary marketplace and the ongoing issues challenging our industry.

A copy of the CBP training webinar can be found here: aftacbppresenationmay2016 and a copy of the powerpoint presentation that accompanied AFTA’s in-person congressional staff briefing can be found here: aftapresentationcongressionalbriefingjune272016

AFTA continues to be the leading voice for the domestic parallel marketplace and looks forward to broadening its visibility, advocacy and educational programs on behalf of all industry participants.  If you are interested in learning more about the American Free Trade Association and the opportunities for Association members, please contact Lauren Perez directly at lauren@lvpsolutionsllc.com or afta@aftaus.com.

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