About Us

Voice for Parallel Marketing

AFTA™ is a national trade association with an effective, industry-wide voice for parallel market (or secondary market) traders, their employees and their customers.

For nearly 25 years, AFTA™ has represented vendors, distributors and importers, all of whom work to provide consumers with alternate sources of competitively priced, brand name merchandise.

AFTA™ has been and continues to be well-recognized and visible in the debate over parallel market issues

Working With Government

AFTA™ works with legislators and federal agencies to ensure the safety and integrity of consumer products throughout the supply chain.

AFTA™ has offered testimony to Congress, filed comments and met with federal agencies, and appeared as amici curia in federal and state courts throughout the country, including the two leading Supreme Court cases on parallel market issues: the 1988 Kmart decision and the 1998 L’Anza decision.

AFTA™ believes that legislation and regulations must fairly, consistently and transparently balance the rights of consumers, retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers.

Working For Consumers

AFTA™’s constituency provides American consumers, throughout the country, with competitively priced, secure, unadulterated, and genuine merchandise.

AFTA™ is committed to ensuring a competitive and fair domestic commercial marketplace.