What Does AFTA Support?

More Effective IPR Enforcement and Facilitation at our Borders by CBP and ICE

New Anti-Counterfeiting Programs Should Be Designed and Measured by the Twin Goals to Stop Fakes and Expedite Release of Genuine Merchandise Manufactured By and/or Under Authority or License of the U.S. Rights Holder
Re-engineer Detention and Seizure Processes, including Improved Opportunities for Importers to Resolve Questions Pre-Seizure and to Cure Problems Post-Seizure
Encourage Rights Holders’ Cooperation while Protecting Confidential Importer/Exporter Business Information
Do Not Seize In-Transit Goods If Manufactured In Compliance With Laws In Country of Production/Manufacture
Eliminate monetary penalties for innocent infringers whose goods have been forfeited


Laws, Regulations And Enforcement Initiatives Which Foster And Sustain The Legality Of Parallel Market Trade In Genuine Branded Goods

IPR Distribution Rights Should Be Limited to the  First Sale Regardless of Place of Manufacture
Exclusions of Genuine Goods differing from those in the US marketplace would be limited to those with material and physical differences in the product (and not its packaging, labeling, warranties, etc.) where notice is provided to consumers.
Deter Trademark/IP Bullying
ISP Take-Down only after due process
International Agreements should mirror but not expand U.S. law