What AFTA Does For You

The Battles Continue.  The Stakes Have Never Been Greater.  

For Over 30 Years, AFTA Has Supported Your Businesses and Advocated On Behalf of Parallel Traders and Wholesalers in the Alternate Source Marketplace.    

Through 4 Major Supreme Court Cases and Thousands of Pages of Legislation and Proposed Rulemaking, AFTA Has Been Your Voice.   

Please send an email to afta@aftaus.com to learn how you can support the critical work done on your behalf by the American Free Trade Association.

  • Do You Purchase Products From Suppliers You Have Promised to Keep Confidential?
  • Do You Sell Products in Packaging that Discloses Quantity in Grams instead of Ounces?
  • Do You Sell Products with Instructions in English and Spanish instead of English Only?
  • Is CBP or FDA Asking For Information About Products that Only the Original Manufacturer Could Possibly Know?
  • Are Your Shipments Being Routinely Stopped, Detained and Inspected by CBP, Causing You To Lose Money, Reputation and Customers?

Here is Just Some of What AFTA Has Done, and Continues To Do, For You

 Submitted Briefs to the Supreme Court In Kmart v. Cartier, Quality King V. L’Anza, Omega v. Costco and Kirtsaeng v. Wiley.
 Preserved and Enhanced the First Sale Protections Existing in U.S. Copyright and Trademark Law.
 Trained CBP Officials Throughout the Country To Help Them Distinguish Between Counterfeit and Genuine Parallel Goods.
 Fought Against Criminalization of Decoding.
 Exempted Repackaging Goods from the Definition of Trafficking in Counterfeit Goods.
 Implemented Regulations Authorizing CBP to Work with Importers First To Verify Product Authenticity Before Contacting Brand Owners.
 Presented Workshop to Congressional Staffers on Issues Important to Your Business.
 Supports Anti-Counterfeiting Tools and Enforcement Measures.
 Routinely Meets with CBP and FDA Officials to Preserve Trade Secrets and The Ability to Enter Genuine Goods Without the Permission of the Rights Holder
 Builds and Maintains Relationships with Legislators and Regulators.
 Works Together with Coalitions and Consumer Groups to Protect Your Right to Resell.
 Monitors Legislative and Judicial Developments and Trends.
 Conducts Outreach and Grass Roots Campaigns.
 Creates Legislative Solutions to Counter Ambiguous Court Decisions.
 Developing a Known Importer Program for Parallel Traders.
 Distributes Information to Educate and Alert Industry Members to Imminent Threats and Policy Making.

For more information about AFTA , to make a contribution or to become a member, please contact AFTA directly at afta@aftaus.com

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